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Lady of the Dead

Night World Series: Book 1


She's a powerful captive. He fights wars and his own longing. To stop a deadly rebellion, will she sacrifice her freedom and her heart?

Gwen's abilities to use the spirit world make her powerful, but they've sapped her freedom. As the first Lady of the Dead born in the North American Kingdom, she's been guarded day and night for the last 20 years. When her ghostly allies reveal a dangerous rebellion brewing, a handsome, war-weary general shows up to demand her loyalty in the upcoming fight. Little does she know that the arrogant leader has his own type of power…

With his ongoing struggle to bring outlaws under control, King Caesar can't help but worry when he hears of rebellion. Posing as his own second-in-command, he travels to the Pacific Northwest and lays eyes on the beautiful, independent woman who serves as his greatest weapon. But when a chance touch sends a flash of energy through his body, Caesar learns two things: Gwen is meant to be his mate and if he fails to bed her he'll go mad in just three days. 

As the king struggles with the Maddening, the increasingly powerful Lady of the Dead escapes without a trace. With the rebellion imminent and Caesar quickly losing his mind, Gwen has a choice: protect the king and the kingdom that held her captive or risk a terrible war to win her own freedom… 

Lady of the Dead is the first book in the Night World paranormal romance series. If you like powerful characters, irresistible attraction, and magical mayhem, then you'll love Gretchen S.B.’s sensual fantasy.


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