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Pizza Pockets & Puppy Love

Lantern Lake Series: Book 1

Gail doesn’t think things could get worse, then her loyal German Shepherd, Murphy, starts sneezing blood.

Gail is on her way to Shoreline to move in with her pregnant little sister. She can’t believe she has to start her life all over again. At least she has Murphy, until he starts sneezing blood. Panic sets in and Gail does the only thing she can do, program veterinary clinic into her GPS and turn off the freeway. 

Coming home from a weekend camping trip Robert literally bumps into a woman who can't seem to control her German Shepherd. When that woman comes into his clinic and that German Shepherd is sneezing blood Robert hushed to save the dog.

The two of them are not compatible on the surface. Is all they really need just a little puppy love to nudge them in the right direction?

Find out in Pizza Pockets and Puppy Love. The first in the Lantern Lake sweet romance series.

Lantern Lake stories 1-3 are now in a box set

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